Alexis Holloway

I’m currently documenting the Voices of Lefferts writing project in a series called Portraits of My Neighbors. I follow my neighbors around their homes, on the streets of Flatbush, and to local markets, churches, and parks while they tell me their stories: how and when they got here and why this is home. Additional work ranges from family portraits and headshots to event and interior photography.

I’ve been a participant of the B&H Portfolio Development Program for 3 years and have exhibited at Soho Photo Gallery as well as locally in the PLG area.

My background is as a producer and project manager for independent feature films, reality television, documentary film and the film festival I created and curated in Burlington, Vermont. I have worked and lived internationally with travels to Europe, Africa and Central America as well as traveled throughout the US as a field producer/shooter for MTV. In addition, I also make films! I am the writer/director of several short comedic narrative films. BA in Film Production.