Each subject has a different story and how I capture it depends on what they tell me.

I have been practicing seeing the world as it is right now, noticing the temporary spaces and relationships and thoughts we inhabit, knowing but not always understanding that our experience is what we make of it. Perhaps that’s why my recent series is the portraiture of flowers; I’m drawn to their watery beauty. I hope this is the beginning of accepting myself, of not rushing, of standing still for a moment.

I’ve immensely enjoyed documenting 4 issues of the Voices of Lefferts community writing project. This local journal allows me to follow my neighbors around their homes, on the streets of Flatbush, and to local markets, churches, and parks while they tell me their stories: how and when they got here and why this is home.

In the summer of 2019, I co-produced Develop: The Photo Week, which showcased the work of 8 unique photographers and featured speakers, critiques, and a Sony-sponsored contest.

I was a participant of the B&H Portfolio Development Program for 3 years and have exhibited at Soho Photo Gallery, Salmagundi as well as locally in Brooklyn.

My corporate and small business work, including 360 virtual tours, interior and staff photography, can be seen at alexisholloway.space

My background is as a producer and project manager for independent feature films, reality television, documentary film and the film festival I created and curated in Burlington, Vermont. I have worked and lived internationally with travels to Europe, Africa and Central America as well as traveled throughout the US as a field producer/shooter for MTV. In addition, I also make films! I am the writer/director of several short comedic narrative films. BA in Film Production.


photo by Marco Catini